Eng. / Mahmoud Massoud


Eng. / Mahmoud Massoud

Eng. Mahmoud is a chairman, and The founder of DELSS company, he is the official representative of DELSS for its projects and activities. Eng. Mahmoud had a wide range of experience more than 40 years ago in both governmental and private sectors ly in leading and straighten the policies and strategies at top management levels, it is worth to be mentioned that Eng. Mahmoud is a Vice-Chairman of Techno Media Group “TMG” Company for monitoring and sensors equipment and Consultant for the Egyptian Holding company for water and Sanitation, The following are the milestones in his career;-
• Former Captain of Engineers syndicate at Fayoum governorate.
• Former Chairman Fayoum Water and Sanitation Company.
• Former General Manager of Fayoum Water utility.
• Former Vice chairman of Fayoum city council for technical affairs
• Former Director of Fayoum public brick Factory.
• Former Director of Fayoum central workshops for buses and vehicles.