Our Vision

Our vision

Delss offer our clients comprehensive environmental project solutions, covering thefollowing services: analysis, planning, design,construction, installation, maintenance and supplyof plants and capital goods for wastewater,Industrial Wastewater and solid waste treatment,and green& sustainable energy fields
Delss has undertaken a variety of projects and executed them to the satisfaction of our clients from varied backgrounds. Given the opportunity to work on your projects.

DELSS’S Sustainable field of Interest

Design Experts League for Sustainable Solutions are Interested in Applying the Philosophy of sustainability and green concept in construction fields, therefore optimize the environment of investments and the cost benefits
The focus of the DELSS Strategy is to identify the improvement of green infrastructure projects that target multiple pollutants while also providing additional such as increased waste reuse Opportunities, health hazards mitigation,improved water quality, industrial wastewater risk mitigation, better payback coset for infrastructure projects,and enhance the existing facilities.
We are a company that is willing to get our hands dirty to complete any environmental restoration project. Since 2020, DELSS’s mission has been to deliver well-built, expedient, and cost-effective solutions in industrial, environmental, civil fields
DELSS has professional expertise in successfully implementing the most progressive solutions to environmental problems We are committed to environmental sustainability and stability, and consistently bring expert knowledge and experience to the industry and help our client’s overcome their biggest challenges.
DELSS considers the energy crisis has become one of the challenges facing the whole world, ly factories. As it is dense inenergy consumption, so we have to deal with it through our team alliance with strategic partners inside and outside Egypt to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions as well as innovations for each industrial application separately
And that is through the uses of solar energy through various applications, including solar collectors, photovoltaic cells, and 24- hour energy storage solutions without the need for batteries, and this is through CSP