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Infrastructure &Environmental

  • Sewer networks, masterplans, left stations and force main systems.
  • Industrial and wastewater tertiary treatmentplants technologies for reuse.
  • ¬†Irrigation and firefighting networks
  • ¬†Desalination plants for wells and sea water treatments
  • ¬†Environmental impact assessment studies (EIA).

Electromechanical works

  • Electromechanical units for industrial wastewater treatment systems.
  • Swimming pools and artificial lagoons.
  • Plumbing systems.
  • Automatic fire fighting systems.
  • Air conditioning and HVAC system.

civil works

  • Steel & concrete structures.
  • Repairing and reinforcing works.
  • Swimming pools .
  • Water and wastewater tanks.
  • Composite sections for structural elements..

Green & smart system

  • Remoting sensors for infrastructure utilities.
  • Renewable electric power resources.
  • Building green & smart systems .
  • Solar P.V pannals .
  • Water saving equepmets .

Environmental studies

  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) report..
  • Risk assessment for water, wastewater, industrial facilities.
  • Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) for water, industrial &wastewater treatment facilities .
  • Treatability & modeling and simulations for waste water treatment plants. .

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